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Gordon Buehrig, designer of car
Model J
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Giclée on canvas 32" x 22" --- 175 $380.00
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Mascot on a 1930s Duesenberg Model J. 'The Duesenbird,' sometimes called 'The Flash,' epitomized the industrial machine aesthetic of streamlining. It is not a recognizable bird, not even an aeroplane. Instead, the Duesenbird is a concept of flight. Gordon Buehrig is said to have designed this hood ornament for ease of manufacturing. (Don Sommer)

Artist Notes:
"At a car show in Philadelphia I discovered this Duesenberg behind a row of Corvettes, where crowds of people streamed by, pointing, gasping, and telling stories of cruising the drive-ins… back when things were very cool… and the Beach Boys ruled. I guess that was one of the first days I realized I was definitely getting old. While I loved the era the crowd raved about, I was suddenly more impressed with a greater and older beauty of what I perceived as a peaceful grotto. I wonder if anyone else noticed that scene?"

Frederick YOHE Duesenberg Gallery

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