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The American Car Collection
David Wendel started his love of art in his early years, drawing with his father during the 1950's and early 60's. Automobiles were a favorite of his even then. He graduated the Norman Rockwell's School in 1970. David continued to study art during the high school years, and majored in Graphics Design at the University of Georgia. Since 1979, he has been involved in all aspects of the arts, including magazine illustration and custom artwork, starting on his most recent work "The American Car" series in 2001. Automobiles are a passion of his, and so is his art. The two together make these unique paintings happen.

The American ideal is unique in its bold, indomitable spirit of freedom. It is a place of wide-open spaces and a nomadic people driving on an ever-expanding ribbon of concrete to explore those incredible sites and sounds found only in the United States. The American automobile embodies that spirit, becoming a style touchstone for every decade since its inception. From the classic era of the 30's, through the glistening chrome of the 50's, each decade produced hallmarks of style unique to its time.

These particular portraits are dedicated to the classic 1950's automobiles from the "Big Three" manufacturers. American confidence and swagger has never been expressed so brashly as on these finned beauties. The paintings are snapshots of each car’s strong character, with the artist attempting to capture various design elements in producing a fitting tribute to such over-the-top designs.

From the classic 1955 Chevy to the outrageous 1959 Pontiac, the cars are truly all-American. Executed in a photo-realistic style, the love of the American car is apparent in every stroke. The mood of the day reflected in the paint and chrome portrays the weather, the people, and the event in which the machine is found; a moment in time that will never again exist. Join us in celebrating the American car.

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