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John Francis Marsh’s career began when he was 14: painting, designing, and modeling cars for the Fisher Body Craftsmen Guild, winning numerous prizes and scholarships. Marsh is an alumnus of The Art Center School, a veteran of GM’s Design Center, an owner of his Industrial Design Office for the past 40 years serving a variety of CEOs and Marketing Managers both here and abroad.

It is from the first hand knowledge of how the design process works that he developed his now famous shop scene style of painting. Marsh’s painting ability has continually grown since his teen years, establishing his reputation as a serious artist, and culminating in his acceptance as an Automotive Fine Arts Society member. His ability to draw, compose a painting, his painterly realism and sense of drama show in all of his work.

Whether he is in his studio, painting shop scenes, children with pedal cars, the romance of the automobile and its owner, Ferraris racing or his ornamental designs, he continues to paint in the style he is best known for—at the same time creating new styles to express his passion. In 2004, Marsh won the prestigious Lincoln Award at Pebble Beach.

John is currently teaching at the Academy of Art in San Francisco and enjoying contributing to the young talent that that some day the world will experience. He and his wife Patty reside in the Sierras of California.

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