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The Russian Collection

Ilya Razumov is an extraordinary young talent, born August 1st, 1985 in Moscow. 
Both of his parents are artists, so Ilya grew up surrounded by canvases, brushes and art paraphernalia.   At the age of two he began drawing everything he was interested in: mainly cars, cars and more cars!  He became a real artist at the age of 10, when a French art dealer purchased one of his paintings (made in art-naive style), and sold it at an exhibition in Paris! 
Razumov received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Moscow Art College in 2004 after studying many techniques: classic oil painting, tempera, water colors, Russian folk arts, miniature painting and even icon painting.
His first serious automotive artwork was made in 2003: Flame Mosaic.  Ilya created his own mosaic-style in this work: "The painting looks like it has two layers pulsing, sparkling and moving."  It was published in the Russian FHM and a few other magazines. The style is very fresh, so Razumov wants to use this layer effect in future artworks.  However he continues to experiment with new styles and new limits
"I always aspire to show my personal style of graphics and effects. Copying another artist’s ideas is taboo--real art must be experimental.  I must have inspiration to start my creative process. I get inspired by many different things: movies, magazines, nature, cars, aviation, music, etc.  Artwork made without a muse has no soul—it’s like a sports car without an engine." 


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