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Secret Liaison
Additional Views:   enlarged   artist:   Gary WHINN
Series 62 Coupe DeVille
Media Size Framed Edition Price  
Giclée on canvas 30" x 24" --- 25 $595.00
Artist Notes:
"This painting essentially follows the 'Romeo and Juliet' theme where an 'uptown' girl has to secretly meet her 'downtown' lover. He aspires to a better life than his rundown surroundings, hinted at by his beautifully restored 1957 Cadillac. She sits in the back of her convertible with an air of cool sophistication, but with a hint of rebellion in her 'feet up' pose. Right in the middle of the picture is a badly repaired crack in the road serving as a symbol for the dividing line that keeps him on 'the other side of the tracks'."

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