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Jaguar D-Type
Additional Views:   enlarged  framed   artist:   Wu-Huang CHIN
Malcolm Sayer, designer of car
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Giclée on canvas 16" x 23" --- 350 $295.00
Jaguar D-Type
The legendary Le Mans winning D-Type was designed by the British aerodynamicist Malcolm Sayer, who also penned the C and E-Types.

Artist Notes:
"The D-Type has long been a favorite of mine. I'm a big fan of WWII era airplanes and I enjoy building plastic models of them. The driving compartment of the D-Type is like the cockpit of a fighter plane and its construction very much like the fuselage of an airplane. And of course there's that tailfin. All these features make the D-Type a road-going airplane to me, and when I shot the picture I knew I'd got the right subject for another piece. I also had a lot of fun showing the carburetors through the open nose."

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Jaguar D-Type

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