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The Carroll Shelby Collection
Bill Neale has been acclaimed to be one of the most prolific automotive fine artists of our time. A founding member of the prestigious Automotive Fine Arts Society, Bill has garnered awards and accolades at some of the most prestigious automotive fine art shows in the United States. From Ferraris to Cobras and Astons, his masterful paintings are treasured centerpieces in many public and private collections around the world.

According to Gerald Roush, fine art collector and editor of the Ferrari Market Letter, "Bill Neale's paintings are historically accurate, impeccably detailed and emotionally irresistible. Bill is a retired amateur racecar driver, and he actually mingled with legendary drivers at some of the most exciting races ever run. His paintings are drawn from personal experience, and I am honored to have several of them in my collection."

The key to Bill's success is his ability to paint a subject in the medium which best captures its spirit. Most artists typically paint in only one medium, but Bill is equally skilled with watercolors, acrylics and oils. The result is a style that is all his own.

Bill attributes his love of watercolors to instructors at the Chouinard Art Institute, who taught him to master the medium. He rarely paints a background, and this sparse style heightens the emotions wrung out in each work. "I use negative space to precisely capture the essence of a single moment," he explains. "Many of my paintings use brilliant colors and subtle lighting to recreate the emotions I felt at a specific place and time."

Bill is often recognized for his close friendship with Carroll Shelby and outstanding illustrations of the legend's automotive creations. He serves as a contributing artist for Car & Driver, Cavallino and Automobile magazines. But he is best known for his private commissions of cars ranging from classic Ferraris to the newest models from Munich, Detroit and Tokyo.


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