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Camel Trophy
Additional Views:   enlarged   artist:   Dennis BROWN
Land Rover
Discovery 200Tdi
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ORIGINAL PAINTING - liquid acrylic on board --- 32" x 25" 1 $7,500.00
Camel Trophy
1993 Sabah-Malaysia 
Route: Circumnavigation, Kota Kinabalu to Kota Kinabalu 
Distance: 1,500 km
Teams: United States, France, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Greece, the Netherlands, Canary Islands, Italy, Turkey, Poland, Russia, Malaysia, Japan 
Winner: United States (Tim Hensley & Michael Hussey)
Team Spirit Award: Canary Islands (Ellis Martin & Francisco Zarate)
Special Tasks Award: France (Paul Gasser & Loup Tournand)

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Camel Trophy

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