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Minute Men (Union 76, 1957)
Additional Views:   enlarged   artist:   Jack SCHMITT
V-8 DeLuxe
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Lithograph 11" x 14" open edition $30
Minute Men (Union 76, 1957)
Gas station in Los Angeles, visited by the artist.  1957 Chevrolet Bel Air convertible; 1932 Ford roadster.

Artist Notes:
"This 1947 Union 76 station had wide canopies that covered both service islands. In 1931 Union introduced a new gasoline and -- wanting to designate the product with a number instead of a name -- chose 76 as a fitting name for a revolutionary new gasoline. Union Oil was formed through the union of several entities. The speedy attendant or 'Minute Man’ added to the ‘Spirit of 76’ theme."

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