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Flathead T Bucket
Additional Views:   enlarged   artist:   Brent HALE
V-8 Roadster
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Giclée on fine art paper 13" x 16" 100 $125
Artist Notes:
"The all American Hot Rod. When young men came home from WW Duce, they had skills that they had picked up in the military from working on Jeeps, tanks and fighter planes. They also had a sense of independence and self reliance. These elements combined with their ability to make something out of nothing in the battlefield found expression in the Hot Rod. These rolling works of art were bolted and welded together from whatever old piece of junk car they could lay their hands on. Trashed out Model Ts & As were plentiful and cheap after the war, as were Flathead V8s. So with a lot of ingenuity, a bunch of junk yard parts, and a few tools, a young man could hack together a rockin' beater that would run like a striped ape."

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