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Miura Homage
Additional Views:   enlarged   artist:   Christophe THURNHERR
Filippo Perini, designer of car
Aventador LP700-4
Media Size Framed Edition Price  
ORIGINAL MARQUETRY - Call 949-443-0500 for details 17" x 38" 20" x 41" 1 $16,000.00
Giclée on watercolor paper 17" x 24" --- 100 $200.00
Miura Homage

This marquetry is composed of 700 separate inlays of various shapes and sizes, cut from 15 different precious woods, and varnished with a satin finish.

Artist Notes:
"A 50th Anniversary homage to the Lamborghini Miura with this special edition Aventador. The original Miura is considered by many to be the world's first supercar. The cars are set against a beautiful background of hornbeam, dyed grey. The tires are made of fossil oak, and the wheel rims cut from sycamore with medullary rays."

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Miura Homage

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