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Fine Tuning
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ORIGINAL -Call 949-443-0500 for details 16" x 16" --- 1 $2,600.00
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Giclée on paper 20" x 20" --- 100 $280.00
Fine Tuning
Original painting is acrylic on stretched block canvas.

1955 Maserati 300S at Donington Park in England, 2003.

Artist Notes:
"It’s no good losing your cool. You’re here to drive the car. The guys with their heads under the bonnet are here to make it go, go sweeter, go faster. So stay cool. Sure that little misfire is niggling but look, the babe may look a million bucks but it has really sharp teeth and it can bite back when you least expect. The circuit can take you in and spit you out before you realize it if the car and you aren’t working to your optimum. So ...stay cool. Check out the circuit. Look down the straight to the start/finish and the first bend. Pale blue sky flecked with cloud. Trees shimmering in summer greenery. Flags waving in a gentle crosswind. Relax ...enjoy the scenery. Couldn’t be more English. Stay cool. Before you know it you’re smiling. You’re heartbeat is coming down. So is your adrenalin level. The guys with their heads under the bonnet will get it right. The circuit looks a picture ..the world feels great’s a beautiful day. Stay cool."

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