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Champagne Taste
Additional Views:   enlarged   artist:   Greg HILDEBRANDT
Model SJ
Media Size Edition Price 
ORIGINAL SOLD 38" x 24" 1 $18,000
Sold Out
Giclée on canvas 25" x 17" 950 $300
Artist Notes:
"My American Beauties are good girls and bad girls.  When I decided to paint my first pinup with a car I knew it had to be a Duesenberg.  I grew up in Detroit and all my life the Duesenberg was one of my favorites.  It had a sense of romance and intrigue to it.  The lines of the car are sexy, seductive and strong.  It represented to me the golden era of Hollywood and gangsters like Capone.  So I knew this one had to be a bad girl.  I believe they work well together.  I achieved my goal."

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