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CarToon Speedway
Additional Views:   enlarged   artist:   Mike KUNGL
Herbert Newport, designer of car
Model SJ Mormom Meteor
Media Size Framed Edition Price  
Giclée on canvas - hand-embellished by the artist 36" x 24" --- 3 $695.00
Giclée on canvas - hand-embellished by the artist 27" x 18" --- 1 $525.00
CarToon Speedway

Mike Kungl himself individually embellishes each print by hand.

Artist Notes:
"Not only is she smokin' at night but she's just hot on the track as well. Stepping out of her red sequins and into black jumpsuit leathers, Jessica Rabbit rises to the occasion and wields the checkered flag as a 1935 Duesenberg SJ Special Mormon roars across the finish line. Just another scenario in the daily occurrences on the imaginable 'CarToon Speedway'. This artwork is sure to bring joy to all car and racing enthusiasts!"

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CarToon Speedway

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