Car Art, Inc.
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Cannot find exactly what you're looking for?
We can create a one-of-a-kind artwork for you or a unique gift.
Have any size: from a 1 inch diameter watch to a 1,000 sq. foot wall!
We can personalize your painting with people, places or pets you love, eg:

A range of artistic styles  photorealistic to impressionistic in a variety of media.
Click any artist's name in the menu to see their biography and style of painting >>
The STEPS are shown in the first slide: 
  1. Photos - send us photos of your car 
  2. Sketches - compositional proposals
  3. Painting - created from your choice
The COST depends on three variables: 
  1. Artist's Reputation
  2. Artwork Size - larger pieces cost more
  3. Content - extra cars or people add cost
Call me at 949-443-0500 or email for details.
CONTACT Peter Aylett at 949-443-0500 or
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