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Master of Murals

Listed in Who’s Who in American Art, John Gable specializes in painting murals and large canvases of the automobile and its effect on society.  This former car designer's sense of form and function is matched by a sensibility for his subject matter.

“My paintings are about America’s love affair with automobiles,” says John.  He likens his work to that of Maurice Prendergast, who painted people in their carriages at the turn of the last century.  “I hope people buy my work as art, not just pictures of their cars.” 

One of identical twins born and raised in Frankfort, Kentucky, ‘Jack’ Gable developed an early fascination for cars.  “I had a natural ability to draw, especially cars, so I decided to become an automobile designer.”

In 1963, 19 year-old Jack took off for Art Center College in California, graduating three years later with a degree in industrial design.  He was immediately hired by General Motors ...three days later he was drafted!  Back at GM in Detroit in 1968, Gable went on to co-design the 1976 Cadillac Seville and 1982 Pontiac Firebird.

Gable later began painting other subjects at home, mostly marine and landscape images of Maine. He developed a serious interest in fine art and Contemporary Realism.  By this time he was the assistant chief designer at Pontiac and he agonized whether to switch careers.

John Gable and his family moved to Maine in 1979, taking on the life of an artist. “The first year was a fantasy. We went from a high speed life to lobster boats in the bay!”

Gable’s career blossomed with an opportunity to show his work alongside the renowned Andrew Wyeth at a New York City gallery.  In 1983 he was asked to create the official commemorative painting for Dennis Conner and his America’s Cup yacht.  Commissions from other celebrated America’s Cup crews in the United States and Australia, rowing teams, including Oxford University in England, and many other fields of sport, brought international acclaim.

Automotive Murals

However, being a car guy never left Gable, with trips to the races and an occasional flight to Pebble Beach to paint an exhibiting Bugatti or two. The car thing came roaring back full circle in 1994 when Gable was commissioned to paint an 8 x 120 foot mural of classic automobiles for a top restaurant in Maryland. This led in 1998 to a 12 x 65 foot triptych entitled 'The History of the Automobile' for the Automotive Hall of Fame in Dearborn, Michigan.  In 1999, Audi commissioned three large murals featuring the great ‘Silver Arrow’ Auto Unions, all of which were brought to Pebble Beach and Laguna Seca that year.

To give you a better idea of their huge size, here they are to scale next to silhouettes of a 6 ft. tall man.  Click the image for a closer view of the different artistic styles used in each case:
These extraordinary murals are the largest seen since Diego Rivera's famous 22 x 73 foot 'Detroit Industry' fresco was created in 1933.

Recent commissions include a commemorative painting of the Marlboro Penske Racing Team win at the Indianapolis 500, various Concours d’Elegance, and the Ferrari Club of America. 

Mr. Gable has enjoyed numerous one-man shows in leading art galleries across the United States. His work is housed in many private and corporate collections in the United States and Europe.

Commission John to create a unique mural for you!  

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John Gable uses vivid color, light and detail to create a variety of commissioned murals for architectural and interior design firms, corporations, museums, restaurants and other high-end commercial or residential structures.  Gable murals are done primarily in acrylic on canvas.  The subject matter and style can be adapted to the project and can vary from painterly realism to a precise graphic or period style.

John GABLE Gallery
Challenge at Secos
Camden Harbor
Bonneville 2050 A.D.
Gumball Racers
Rocket 88
The Silver Arrows
Three Testa Rossas
Concours d'Elegance
Watkins Glen 1949

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