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The Reflection Collection

Combining a photo-realistic approach to watercolor technique with a unique and adventurous sense of composition, Dan McCrary applies his vision to a wide variety of automotive subjects.

The development of light and reflection may be played to the maximum in one piece, cleverly contrasting one car reflected in the shiny bodywork of another. Then he shifts gears to depict in amazing detail the rust and pitted chrome of an aging derelict.

Dan was born in 1949 in Raleigh, North Carolina. As early as age five, he attended motor races with his father and grew fascinated with automobiles in general. He attended East Carolina University and worked for several years as a musician before turning to the fulltime pursuit of automotive art in the early eighties. McCrary's award-winning work has been widely published and featured in numerous Concours d'Elegance across the United States, including Meadow Brook Hall where he won the David Holls award in 2002. His art can be found in numerous prominent individual and corporate collections.

"Ever since I became fascinated with cars as a child, my enjoyment of them has derived primarily from their visual impact on me. Now as an automotive artist, I try to convey that same 'visual feast' I experience to the viewer. I like to paint realistically, yet try to isolate a composition or perspective that avoids convention. This gives the viewer an opportunity to see a familiar subject in a new light."

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