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Jack Juratovic was a founding member of the Automotive Fine Arts Society. 

A 1965 graduate of Cleveland Institute of Art and a former car designer with Ford Motor Company and Chrysler Corporation, Jack Juratovic has pursued automotive fine art full time since 1982.

His works have appeared in Automobile, Road & Track, AutoWeek magazine, and on the cover of Automobile Quarterly and other magazines. Juratovic has undertaken innumerable projects for corporate and private commissions including corporate mural work. Some of his poster projects are: the Monterey Historic Races for Alfa Romeo and the Aston Martin Owners Club, the Meadow Brook Historic Races for Lotus, and the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

"Some artists could care less about old cars on a hands-on basis, and while I'm by no means a certified mechanic, I do like to get under the hood. I consider some of my cars to be rolling sculpture, and I love to drive them as well as simply look at them" said Jack.

Juratovic was featured on TNN cable network’s “Exciting World of Speed and Beauty” and in the French Publication, Automobile Classiques and Classic Sportscar. Automobile Quarterly magazine featured a retrospective of Juratovic’s work.  

Jack passed away in October 2018.

Jack JURATOVIC Gallery
Royal Encounter
Road and Track - December 1939
Road and Track - October 1935
Road and Track - November 1935
Zephyr and Zephyr
C. C. Riders - Hurry Sundown
Lincoln/Mercury - Night Train
Alfa Romeo 8C 2900
Glockler Racers
Long Day's Journey

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