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Morphing Cars and Scenery
Canadian artist Virginia Ivanicki was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, later moving to Calgary where she studied Fine Art at the Alberta College of Art and Design in the 70s.

Cars entered her work in Vancouver, British Columbia, soon after graduation. Initially part of the landscape, the automobile has since become the focal point of her work.

"I have been exploring the design and social significance of the automobile, mostly American cars from the 40s, 50s and 60s. Auto mechanics, body shop owners and drag racers are found throughout my family. It's in the genes - even if I didn't appreciate the gorgeous extremes of line and color found in cars that I consider works of art in themselves."

"The cars speak of a powerful time in North America and a love of character and individualism. Many cars today are rather amorphous, allowing us to blend into the landscape. I drove a classic for years and people always knew when I had arrived!"

Some of her textures, colors and bold attitude can be attributed to the artwork she has done in the past for live action film sets, theater sets, retail displays, magazine covers, and as a background color designer for animation. Using this varied experience in many styles and media, Virginia has developed an artistic style which is unique in automotive art.

A prolific painter, her work is powerful whether in oil, acrylic or giclée print. "I love every painting I do, and every moment spent painting," says Ivanicki.

Virginia has shown her work throughout the United States and Canada and is collected worldwide.

Virginia IVANICKI Gallery
Surf Meet DeLuxe
Charlie's Beachside Ride
Master & 'Stang
Tropical DeLuxe
Starlite Boulevard
Danza de la Noche
White Bird
Studebaker in Black
Aqua L'Orange

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