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Birth of the Prancing Horse
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Driver: Enzo FERRARI
artist:   Alan FEARNLEY
Alfa Romeo
3000 RL
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Lithograph 21" x 23" 850 $150
Birth of the Prancing Horse
There were many important dates in Enzo Ferrari's personal life, one of which was June 17th 1923, when a sequence of events gave rise to what is unquestionably regarded as one of the most widely identified logos used by any car maker in history. On that day he was entered by Alfa Romeo in the Circuit of Savio at Revenna, in Italy, winning the race commandingly with his 3-litre machine against significantly more powerful opposition.

After the event, a man elbowed his way through to the front of the excited crush immediately surrounding Ferrari and shook the winner warmly by the hand. It turned out that this was the father of Francesco Baracca, the legendary First World War Italian fighter ace who shot down no fewer than 35 enemy planes during the conflict. Baracca's squadron had sported a shield in the center of which was a prancing horse. The family presented Ferrari with their son's squadron badge as an acknowledgement of his courage and audacity behind the wheel of a racing car.

Enzo Ferrari recalled: "When I won the first Savio circuit in 1923, in Ravenna, I met Count Enrico Baracca, father of the war hero, and also his mother, Countess Paolina. She was the one who said to me one day, "Ferrari, why don’t you put my son’s rampant horse on your car? It might bring you luck". I still have the photo of Baracca, with a dedication by his parents, in which they presented me with the emblem. The horse was then and still is black; I added the canary yellow background, the color of Modena."

Thus was born the famous 'Prancing Horse' symbol which is carried by every road and racing Ferrari to this day.

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Birth of the Prancing Horse

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