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Snake Eyes
Additional Views:   enlarged   artist:   Lynn MASTERS
Craig Durfey, designer of car
Viper GTS
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ORIGINAL SOLD 36" x 60" 1 $0
Sold Out
Giclée on canvas 18" x 30" 150 $595
Artist Notes:
"The Viper - one of the most poisonous snakes - is the correct label for one of the most deadly performance cars of today. In January 1989, when the Chrysler Corporation debuted the first Viper show car in Detroit - the public felt the bite of this addicting reptile. Chrysler's target: beat the old Shelby Cobra's 0-100-0 times, and do it in less than 15 seconds.

Since its production debut in December of 1991 - the familiarly aggressive Viper front end has been seen in many rear view mirrors - but not for long. Its intimidating presence and piercing "Snake Eyes" brings the competition quickly to their knees. Once bitten - never shy!"

Craig Durfey Gallery
Snake Eyes

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