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Dorian Red
Additional Views:   enlarged   artist:   Federico BOZZANO
Vittorio Jano, designer of car
Alfa Romeo
8C 2300
Media Size Edition Price 
ORIGINAL PAINTING - mixed media on canvas 42" x 59" 1 $20,000
Sold Out
Giclée on fine art paper signed by artist 39" x 55" 60 $880
Giclée on fine art paper signed by artist 28" x 39" 60 $550
Artist Notes:
"The title is a tongue-in-cheek wordplay on 'Dorian Gray' -- Oscar Wilde's fantasy character who did not age. A flawless red Alfa Romeo stands in the middle of a derelict factory. 'Dorian Red' remains ageless as other cars decay nearby. (The setting is an actual abandoned car factory.)"

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