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Born in 1958, Benedek Toth is a native of Budapest, Hungary. After a very eventful childhood that included several exciting years in the wildlife of Africa, he decided to pursue his two major interests in life: drawing and automobiles. In 1980 he left communist Hungary and came to the United States, determined to become a professional car designer. Working full time during his studies in 1985, he graduated with honors from Art Center in Pasadena, California.

His big opportunity came in 1987 when he accepted a design position with Mercedes-Benz in Germany. For the next 10 years 'Herr Toth' worked at Mercedes' Design Headquarters in Sindelfingen. One of the highlights of his career was his appointment to lead designer and project coordinator for the C-Class. "To be able to personally follow and manage a vehicle design from sketches to a finished production car is every car designer’s dream come true" he says. After working on high profile projects such as the current SL, S-Class, and Maybach, Benedek joined the Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design team in California.

During his period in Germany, Benedek spent a lot of spare time in Stuttgart's renowned Mercedes Museum, studying and marveling the classic vehicles exhibited there. This inspired him to begin painting seriously. Having full access to the museum archives gave him invaluable information for his artwork. His subjects include various production cars, but he most enjoys motor racing: "I just love to recreate a racing scene and make those cars really move on the canvas.”

Benedek’s artwork has been exhibited several times in Germany, including the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center in Fellbach. Remarkably, five of his original paintings belong in the Mercedes Museum that triggered his art vocation. Other original pieces are owned by relatives of famous Mercedes race car drivers and private collectors.

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