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Automotive Royalty

Princess Vidita Singh is India's foremost automotive fine artist. She is a descendant of the royal family of Barwani, a former kingdom in Madhya Pradesh. Her great-grandfather was one of the first Maharajas to import a car.  Few classic car connoisseurs can compare to her pedigree, inherited from generations of collectors in that dynasty.

“I was always around cars because of my grandfather, father and uncles. Either I was sitting on a car or inside it. Ever since I was a baby, cars have been part of my life.”
Her father, the Maharaja Manvendra Singh, is an automotive historian, author, and a pioneer in automobile restoration. Vidita’s path to her profession was kindled when he asked her to illustrate a 1936 Bentley for an article he was was writing. With his encouragement, she took up automotive art during college in the late 1990s.
“My father is my biggest inspiration. Maybe he saw some talent in me and an opportunity. American and European artists were doing car art, but none in India. My lifelong experience with rare and beautiful cars helped me bring them to life on canvas. I began with elements unique to India, portraying the special relationship of my country with its rich automotive history. I work primarily in oil on canvas, but also watercolors and charcoals.”
The artist is inspired by design elements and stories told by her grandfather and father of a bygone era. Splendid cars owned by Maharajas set in Indian scenes have naturally graced many artworks. Some include wildlife native to her region, eg. a Bengal tiger, snow leopard, camels, Langoor monkeys, as well as Polo horses — a sport which originated in India.
Largely self-taught, her development in this field led to international exposure, with exhibits in New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Hong Kong and the Cartier Concours d’Elegance. It culminated in recognition by the prestigious Automotive Fine Arts Society, with a guest appearance and sales of her work at their Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance exhibition in California. Christie’s auctioned her work at the Royal Bridges’ Convergence exhibition in Dubai, a gathering of royal and noble artists from around the world.
Ford India commissioned Vidita to create a commemorative painting for their Centenary, which graces the Managing Director’s office. Hyundai Motor India also commissioned her to produce an original artwork for their corporate office.

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Vidita SINGH Gallery
Lancia at the Polo Match
Camel Caravan
Monkey Business
Caddy Taillight
Jodhpur Delahaye
Prowling Tiger
Delahaye Chukka
Elusive Rolls and the Snow Leopard
Caddy in a Cord Hubcap
Lincoln in the Spotlight

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