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Internationally known motorsports artist Bill Burrows has been recognized for providing a unique contribution to the visual interpretation of the motoring life. His artwork is on display in galleries across the globe, from London to New York to California to the Galerie Vitesse in Paris.

Burrows' work has also attracted the interest of the press, and has been featured in publications including Road and Track, RACER Magazine, Forza, and Classic and Sports Car Magazine—who named him in their list of the world's top 20 motorsports artists. Burrows' artwork is not limited in topic matter or format, from small canvas floral still-lifes to full-size automotive floor coverings, and likewise notice of Burrows is not limited to print, as he has appeared on the Speed Channel and Motorweek.

A classically trained artist, Burrows graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a BFA in 1964, and quickly set off to Detroit to mix his talents with his inspiration, landing a job with an advertising firm creating sales brochures for the Big Three.

Seeking more autonomy in his work, Burrows struck out on his own in 1970 and opened a graphic studio, quickly attracting clients such as Time/Life books, National Geographic, and the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. Burrows work was well received by his clients and industry alike, as he scored honors from the American Institute of Graphic Artists, Print Magazine, and Mead Library of Ideas, among others.

Burrows' career path took a turn in the 80s, in part owing to the turns he was taking in his free time. A long time racing fan, Burrows found himself attracted to vintage racing, with its fantastic historic machinery and the camaraderie of the competitors fostered by the unified love of cars.

While he'd originally begun vintage racing as a hobby, this pursuit led to a new career, as his fellow competitors began requesting Burrows time, commissioning him to capture their cars on canvas. This provided a wonderful and timely change in direction for Burrows, as computers changed the illustration business forever, but the demand for his work allowed Burrows to continue to create art.

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