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Car Art Wristwatches

Lawrence Gardinier II has the good fortune to wake up early every morning and paint all day. When growing up, his father drag raced and later collected cars. Larry showed artistic talent and a passion for cars at a very young age. When his parents discovered his gift they encouraged him to pursue this career. 

A professional automotive artist since 1990, he is for the most part, self taught. Gardinier says "I have developed my own methods and techniques to create my work. I am continuously advancing my knowledge of materials and evolving as an artist by changing my style. I believe that I'm only as good as my last painting, so I work very hard to create my best art every time."
Miniature Car Art

Car Art, Inc. is pleased to offer a unique art form: hand-painted wristwatches! Wear a beautiful original work of art on your wrist, featuring your favorite car in exquisite detail. As shown in the examples, Gardinier uses either a Seiko model #SJB022 or a Skagen model #530LTTM1, although you can supply your own timepiece, if suitable. Turn around time is 2-4 weeks from receipt of reference photos and a 50% deposit. When the watch is finished, a digital photograph is sent for your approval. When satisfied, you pay the balance and the watch is shipped to you.

The Process

Gardinier can meticulously hand paint a picture of any car, truck or motorcycle on the face of a watch in exquisite detail. After carefully disassembling each watch, the face is sanded, primed and sanded again in preparation for enamel paint. Then using a magnifying glass and extremely fine paint brushes, Lawrence spends many tedious hours carefully dabbing paint into seemingly impossible details that are barely visible to the human eye.

“I paint the minutest details, even if you can’t distinguish them without a magnifying glass! You will appreciate the overall effect, just as you can discern subtle differences in diamond grades,” says Gardinier.
The car art wristwatch makes a truly unique gift, and lets the owner show off his prized possession any time, any place! 

Commission Lawrence to create a unique wristwatch for you!

Call Peter Aylett at 949-443-0500 or email for details.

Lawrence GARDINIER Gallery
Car Art Watch: Seiko Example 1
Car Art Watch: Seiko Example 2
Car Art Watch: Skagen Example 1
Car Art Watch: Skagen Example 2
Car Art Watch: Skagen Example 3
Car Art Watch: Skagen Example 4

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